“Then love knew it was called love. And when I lifted my eyes to your name, suddenly your heart showed me my way.”
― Pablo Neruda

Whether you are uniting your hearts in a symbolic ceremony or renewing your eternal promise to love one another, there is no better destination for a Mediterranean wedding than Casa Margot. Tie the knot at the most romantic resort in Fethiye or celebrate your special anniversary and reconnect by renewing your vows in this iconic Casa set on an idyllic view.

Romantic Wedding

Rejoice in your love or unite your hearts by having a unique and romantic wedding ceremony. You have the option to customise this momentous occasion or let us plan a traditional, Mediterranean ceremony that will be in your memory till the end of time.


If you’ve always dreamed of exchanging wedding vows with your loved one on a picture-perfect seaview, Casa Margot will make your dreams come true. Fethiye’ leading hotel is a romantic paradise set on an idyllic view, the quintessential setting your wonderful day.

Bridal Suite

Many couples have chosen Casa Margot to be the host space for their wedding ceremony; and even if they did not, brides have preferred one of our selective rooms to get ready for the biggest moment of their life.

Wedding & Dinner Party

Celebrate this once in a lifetime experience together with your loved ones at our roof top restaurant, Citrus. We would be delighted to create a boutiqe wedding party, hearing your preferences in decoration, live music and tastes.


Weddings on Casa Margot are inspiring and romantic from beginning to end, get ready to say ‘yes’ to the wedding of your dreams.

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