Fethiye’de kendi lüks
evinizde gibi yaşayın ve hissedin.

Discover The Story Behind Casa Margot

In this land, where thousands of years of history and culture have witnessed where ancient cities have learned to live together and which gave life to the first democratic union in history ; in other words, you can witness the elegance of time at Casa Margot, the chief crown of the Lycian civilization.

You can enjoy a pause in your life story by looking at large and small views of Fethiye on the edge of the blue sky and green forest. You can meet your own home with carefully cooked Mediterranean dishes next to you, historical – touristic places waiting for you and the beaches where you can enjoy the sun.

You can let the outstanding wines that can carry the bond between you and your loved ones to the top, the pool and garden that will be good for your skin, and the jacuzzi that can stay with your soul to refresh you from head to toe. You can make your room for a miracle in your plans to visit Casa Margot, which opens its doors to adventures where you can keep yourself fit and art where you can rest your soul.

Casa Margot is a small luxury hotel for exquisite travelers. All 15 rooms and suites offers stunning sea views and features eclectic styled custom furnishings, marble bathrooms, hot tubs and luxurious amenities.


Only our guests aged 14 and over can visit our hotel. We are excitedly waiting for you and your loved ones to have a dream experience.


Make your time unique with our carefully selected wine collection and a dinner you can experience with your loved ones.


We ensure that you include everything you see during your visit to our hotel in your next life. Get nice things to remind you of your experience.


Start your day beautiful with our unique Fethiye view, lush forest and deep blue sky and add new ones to your memories.


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Live your best moments here!